Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Waking Up to Solve a Plot Problems in My Manuscripts

Whom, among the literary and creative folks, stay up all night to work on projects? Raise of hands? Me too.  I do it when I have a deadline, but when I don't have a deadline, I'll wake up in the middle of the night to solve a problem with the direction of my characters, or a new book concept or an image or dream that I had, a solution to a problem and I need to get it down on paper. Most of you have had that scenario happened too.

Wide awake, right? Can't fall back to sleep, so you get up and work on the book. Thank goodness free-lancing has flexible hours. Just this morning, around 5:00, I woke up, grabbed a glass of water and went to my studio to rework the legs of my characters. Earlier that day, I wasn't sure how they should have moved, since my character is bound by a wheelchair. She only has a little strength on the right side of her body. She always wanted to ride a horse, so I worked all day to figure out how she would go about do it. Nothing was working.

After dinner, I googled wheelchair-bound kids riding horses and I came across great articles, YouTube demos and instructions with wheel bound children and their instructors riding horses. It was a great treasure of information and it  helped a lot with my drawings. But I wonder how my character would do it without adult supervision?  All children have dreams of riding horses, motorcycles, cars and magical creatures without adults, so do children with disabilities; why not give them that opportunity?

I kept drawing, until the drawing kept getting closer to my vision, but not quite there. I was exhausted so I headed to bed and fell asleep.

5:15 in the morning, I woke up with the answer and before I forgot, I headed to the drafting table to draw it out. The solution was; have the horse kneel and lay on the ground, so my character can easily, or without too much struggle get on the horse.  It all seem to fall in place and it was a great solution.

When I finished, I went back to bed, as my husband was just getting up for work. He's use to me doing this routinue and he understood (since he does it sometimes for his electrical engineering jobs) I had a creative break through. We smiled and I went back to bed and fell sound asleep.

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