Thursday, August 25, 2016

The Prize

    With all that is going on in my life, the prize seems far off, but I'm still eager to get there. Life happens and I'm not making any excuses for it.  Why I haven't had more books published or selling more artwork? Tapping down the outside forces and battling my own problems to finish this graphic  novel is tough going. Truthfully, I am a procrastinator, an ADD person, but it's painful. It's painful, because it's a struggle for me.

   Sloshing and slugging through the muckity muck of character's, who are not working the way I want them to, or the endless research on this difficult project that seems insurmountable.  The interviews, I still have to do, to finish the research. That means a trip, hopefully a phone call. There are days, I don't work on it, maybe too may days that gives me angst and the days that I do, satisfies me, but not completely. Constantly revising, revising. Maddening. But I love this story. I love the concept of it.

    I love my main character, she is a remarkable 4th grader who is courageous and daring. She is the combination of two people that are in my family.  I wish, I was the mom in this story I'm creating.
Hard working mom who  works and getting her law degree in an on-line university and taking care of this remarkable kid, who from the outside seems like a fairly healthy and happy little girl. But she has no idea her daughter and her friends have found a secret that will change their lives forever.

  So, I have this agent waiting patiently for my graphic novel, but still doesn't want to sign me.  She loves the idea of my graphic novel too.  She's given me a bunch of advice. All good stuff.  I know it, I have to make myself more marketable and I agree with her on that. I have to update my on-line portfolio. Something, I use loved doing, but now it's different. It harder, I haven't updated my website or this blog, what seems ages, until now because I have a different prize, a different phase.  I've let everything slip. But I can fix it all. It's in my grasp. Does any other artist go through this? I'm sure, I'm not alone.

  I'm not giving up though. I'm in this for the long haul, no matter how hard and regardless what anyone tells me. No matter how long it takes. Here's to the winning spirit that drives me. Here is to those who work quietly in their studios without fanfare, without awards, yet are determined to make it, because like me, we want to create great books for children. Like me they are at  their drafting, lamps aglow or working way on their computers, their artwork to sustain them and knowing the goal is far off, but attainable.

  Cheers to us, my friends. Keep plugging away, no matter what anyone tells you or what is going on in your Life.  Fight for it!

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