Friday, August 26, 2016

Sunday Morning on CBS, I'm Going to Miss YOU.

I'm missing Charles Osgood already and he isn't leaving  Sunday Morning on CBS, until September. Granted he has every right to retire, but the thought of him leaving saddens me. A mainstay Sunday anchor hosting a delightful show on narrative stories for 20 years. It's show with heart. A show with soul. It's the stories and the storytellers that give it that, but it was Mr. Osgood that gave it the extra special touch when he hosted the show.

It was once hosted by the late Charles Kraulat, with his distinctive voice that had my dad and mom tuned in every Sunday morning, when my brothers and sisters were at church. Some times, my siblings and I watched it, when we didn't go to church. It wasn't often, but it was a special treat.

Sunday Morning on CBS went, hand and hand, with the Sunday New York Times, brunch with political and football shows to follow. It was a show that gently led us to think about the week and to leisurely partake in ordinary people's lives doing extraordinary things. Even some of the stories where of  quiet reflection about the wilderness or a feel good-story of a child passing out toy dinosaurs to make people smile or even a 93 year old Navy man jogging across the America to make people remember the cargo warships of WW II, that carried soldiers, supplies and tanks on foreign beaches.And at the end  each show, the host would leave you with a scene of nature, either a western prairie with antelope grazing or a babbling brook in a quiet forest.

That's Sunday Morning, for you. I hope the new host with take those things in mind, because Charles Osgood is a hard act to follow.

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