Friday, August 26, 2016

Stories on Vacations

It's been a scorcher this summer. More heat waves than I could remember. This gave me a chance to enjoy my air conditioning and work on my sketches, stories and artwork.

Working out concepts for new stories. One idea is a Brazilian Cockatoo and his human family going to a baseball game. The other one: a shelter dogs who wants to be a hero, but ends up in a job he doesn't like, but an old dog teaches him a new attitude.

Then I have the other projects piled up, not quite collecting dust, but each one I've work on, revised and redid to improve on it. There is one story, I've been having a hard time rewriting, based on several editorial critiques. It wasn't saleable, but everyone like the character and her sidekicks. It's a recipe picture book.

Recipe books for children don't sell anymore, as I've been told. The facts support it. as I studied what sells and what doesn't at B&N and Amazon.  So what do I do with an incredible character? Well, I shelved her for two and half years, until I had the "Eureka" moment.  It hasn't happened. Maybe it's time to take her out, brush the dust off her hat  and bring her on vacation with me. It's time.

When I bring book projects and ideas with me on vacation, the ideas flow. Change of scenery. Relaxing atmosphere and a tropical drink does the trick. This year, a vacation might not be possible, so I was thinking heading to the local Long Island Beaches. Beautiful, sandy with clams and little shells dotting the shoreline, and the breeze off the Atlantic is wonderful. The smell of salt air and burgers grilling takes me back to my childhood.

So if you have old stories in your files. Brush off the dust and take them with you on a day-cation or vacation and see what inspires you!

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